About David

David Bruggink is a graphic novelist, field recordist, and product designer living in Portland, Maine with his wife, daughter, and feisty Australian Cattle Dog.

Growing up in the greater Washington, D.C. area, David’s journey has been diverse, both creatively and geographically. After studying abroad in China, he taught English in France for a year, then received his master’s degree in international development. He subsequently worked in web design in non-profit environments before focusing on product design.

Beyond creating his own comics, David enjoys teaching comics workshops for kids in Southern Maine. He also writes reviews occasionally for All About Jazz when he encounters music he’s passionate about.

David is represented by Alexander Slater at Greenburger Associates.


How is your last name pronounced?

It‘s a Dutch name and I think technically it‘s “breu-[guttural hawking sound]-hink” but I usually just say “brew-gink!”

When did you start illustrating?

I had a lot of creative interests growing up, from stop motion videos and comics to playing in bands, but mostly lost sight of them until I was in my early thirties and my daughter was born. As I started to read books with her, I rediscovered the joy of illustration, and started to draw and paint during my daily commute to Center City Philadelphia.

As my confidence and skill increased, I realized that there were stories I wanted to tell, and I started to explore ideas for different graphic novels.

Do you have a preferred medium?

I love to sketch with pen and paper, but almost all my illustrations are finished in Procreate.

Do you have favorite books/authors/illustrators?

Some of my favorite graphic novelists and illustrators, and whose work has influenced me, are Riad Sattouf, Travis Dandro, Joe Sacco, John Porcellino, Guy Delisle, Michel Rabagliati, Ulli Lust, Barbara Stok, Benji Davies, Beatrice Alemagna, and Felicita Sala.